Traffic Tickets

In North Carolina, there are two point systems that are assessed against the driver convicted of a traffic ticket. The North Carolina Department of Transportation enforces points against your license. The insurance point system in North Carolina ALSO assesses points against you. The State of North Carolina may revoke your license. Your insurance company will punish you with higher rates.

You should do everything possible to prevent the loss of license and an increase in your insurance premiums. Any increase in your insurance premium, as a result of a moving violation, will remain on your license for at least 3 years. If you are charged with a speeding ticket or any moving violation in Greensboro, High Point or any city in Guilford County, contact Robert O'Hale. Mr. O’Hale defends people charged with traffic offenses every day in the District Courts of North Carolina. Mr. O’Hale can usually prevent the loss of license and any increase in insurance premiums.

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