Need a Lawyer for Breaking and Entering, Larceny, Embezzlement, Obtaining Property by False Pretense, Credit Card Fraud and other crimes of Theft?

Robert O’Hale has handled thousands of cases for defendants charged with embezzlement, shoplifting, obtaining property by false pretense, credit card fraud, breaking or entering, and larceny. Robert O’Hale understands the system and how prosecutors build a case and how Judges and juries respond. You can count on Robert O’Hale and his 35 years of experience to handle your case through trial or plea negotiations.

If you are charged with any theft, breaking or entering, or credit card fraud, call Robert O’Hale immediately. He will defend your case aggressively and see that you receive the best possible outcome in your case.

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Great attorney
“Rob O’Hale is a real world attorney who understands families. He helped us deal successfully with my teenage son’s paraphernalia citation. Knowledgeable, experienced, empathetic and a realist about cost. Great attorney.”
Posted by William November 1, 2013