Are You or Someone You Know Charged With a Sex Offense or Federal Computer Crime in Greensboro, NC?

Most sex offenses carry long prison sentences. These cases are difficult to defend. Most allegations are brought by family members. Images found on computers can also lead to charges of exploitation of children and distribution of illegal images. The defense of these charges is a long and arduous task requiring skill, experience, and sensitivity. If you are charged with a sex offense or computer related crime in the state of North Carolina, call

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“It is without reservation that I recommend Robert O’Hale, Esq. His office was extremely patient and more than professional. I was placed in a situation that I never thought I would be placed in and while at times I didn’t understand his approach or maybe didn’t even agree with such. I quickly learned why I was not an attorney, but instead engaged one. All of my cases were dismissed. I even got free sodas when I would visit. Robert, Courtney and staff. O-Hale Yes.. I am very happy and recommend them to anyone personal or business.”
Posted by Daymond December 10, 2015